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There are also ways in which the physical and makanan khas jawa tengah digital realities come together. Ava Alexis (who asked BuzzFeed News not to share her last name to protect her privacy), 26, was asked on a date via Venmo after a stranger covered for her at a cash-only soup stand in Michigan. “Hey this is a little goofy but would you wanna hang out sometime?” he wrote on her payment. “Let’s grab a drink, or maybe some lobster bisque!” At the time, she told BuzzFeed News, she was heartbroken after the end of a yearslong relationship and was flattered to be asked out so unexpectedly.

“It gets exhausting [on dating apps],” she said. “Sometimes I’d get motivated and go on multiple dates in a week, but then none of them work out, and I’d just give up.” The Venmo date invite came at the right time for Alexis, and it wasn’t part of the oversaturated (largely horny) profiles on dating apps that can tire anyone out. And while Alexis said things with Soup Venmo Boy (my moniker for him) didn’t go beyond one date, it was a slot gacor hari ini cute story that she said she thinks fondly of.


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